Your Virtual Wellbeing Hub is a research-backed one-stop-shop for employers looking to introduce, add to, or kick-start their employee wellbeing offering.

Online resource

The hub itself is made up of a combination of curated and uniquely created content. It includes practical research, articles and video from psychologists; fitness, posture and wellness practitioners; mental health specialists; and experts in virtual learning and communication.

Engagement programme

Our experience tells us though that simply having a resource of great wellbeing content isn’t enough. Importantly, you also need to proactively engage your workforce. To do this we have developed an engagement programme designed to promote, inform and facilitate mental and physical wellbeing among your people.

Research shows that organisations which take the mental and physical wellbeing of their employees seriously report an increase in productivity of 15%, a reduction in sick days of 20% and higher employee satisfaction of 25%*.

The benefits to the bottom-line are clear but aside from that, looking after your workforce is just the right thing to do. And right now most of us need a little looking after.

*British Heart Foundation, 2016



Your virtual wellbeing hub, and the accompanying engagement programme, are based on the '5 steps to wellbeing' model (developed by the New Economics Foundation and adopted by both Mind and the NHS). We've also added a 6th step called 'Resilience & Energy'.

We recommend that you run the engagement programme over a 6-7 week period to maintain momentum and maximise the impact.

Each step is allocated its own week.

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Did you know that a lack of close personal ties poses the same risk to health as smoking or obesity?

Throughout this week we'll be providing tips and resources on creating higher quality connections. And setting fun challenges for colleagues which include sharing embarrassing stories, highlighting greatest achievements and drawing up the ultimate dinner party guestlist.


It’s no secret that regular moderate exercise is not only good for you physically but also a key component to maintaining good mental health.

With many of us currently working from home much of this week focusses on workouts and stretches that can be done from your own living room, and even your own chair. Our soft tissue and posture experts give their 5 minute tips and exercises for improving posture, and look out in particular for our short 'self-massage' which targets neck and shoulder tension.

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Taking notice is about pressing pause. Shutting down all the different windows we have open in our minds and being in the here and now.

An introduction to mindfulness, a grounding meditation, breathing techniques and gratitude tactics are among what we provide here. This week's resources and challenges are all about encouraging your employees to take a few moments for themselves, and notice some of the simple things that may normally pass us by.


Research shows that learning improves and maintains our wellbeing. It can boost self-confidence and self-esteem, help build a sense of purpose, and foster connections with others.

Our focus throughout this week is on 'everyday' learning. Understanding that learning doesn't need to be formal and that the best learning is often from each other. Activities and challenges to encourage this include hidden talents, fun facts and top tips.

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Amid the doom and gloom of the current news, we see inspirational acts of individual and community kindness. Why? The answer is simple, giving and helping others not only benefits the person in need but also improves our own wellbeing.

Activities during this week include the sharing of small acts of kindness and 'praising it forward' to create simple positive cycles within your organisation.


Energy and resilience go hand in hand. The greater your energy levels the more resilient you’ll be, the more resilient you are the better equipped you are to manage your energy.

During this week our original video content, activities and challenges provide tools for understanding, managing and improving energy, and techniques for boosting resilience.



For each week and topic you will receive relevant research, curated resources, original content (including video), activities, challenges and social media post examples to engage with your workforce.

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Resources & Activities

Research, soundbites, activities and challenges are all provided along with a roadmap explaining how to implement them.

Video Content

Original and curated video content is provided in easy-to-access 5 minute bursts. From top tips, to instructor-led mental and physical wellbeing sessions.

Social Media Posts

All our activities and challenges are designed to engage and facilitate interaction. The aim is to get your colleagues sharing their own ideas and perspectives around wellbeing.



We have three package options


All content, resources and a comprehensive implementation plan provided unbranded.

From £2.5k (+VAT)


All content, resources and a comprehensive implementation plan provided branded for your organisation (e.g. branded title screens added to videos and all resources tailored in line with your organisation's look and feel).

PLUS customised social challenges (i.e. in line with existing company activities and objectives)

From £5k (+VAT)


All content, resources and a comprehensive implementation plan provided branded up for your organisation, customised social challenges (as with the Silver package).

PLUS access to ongoing project management support, customised content and up to 3x live virtual workshops.

From £7.5k (+VAT)



You can also add a range of additional features to your wellbeing package including:

  • Customised content

  • Additional virtual 'live' training workshops (inc. Thriving in adversity, Leading through adversity, Playing to strengths, Resilience, Emotional agility, Virtual connections)

  • Additional virtual 'live' physical sessions (inc. instructor-led yoga / breathing / pilates)

  • One-to-one coaching

  • Employee gift packages for the mind

  • Discounted employee subscription to online gym

  • Discounted Mojostand (standing workstation) for improved posture



There are two ways we can provide our wellbeing content and engagement activities to you:

Hosted by you

The resources and activity implementation plans are provided to you for you to host and share with your employees through your internal social media platform (Workplace from Facebook or Yammer from Microsoft are two examples).

We provide this to you on a week by week basis and recommend using your social media platform to share it to maximise engagement. The majority of our activities and challenges have been designed to be used in this way.

Hosted by us

We can create your own wellbeing microsite (branded specifically for your organisation if you choose) to host the content for you. This allows your colleagues to navigate the six steps and access the content and resources they need as and when they want to.

Your hosted wellbeing hub can also be customised with your own content (Gold package or add-on)




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