Creating great content should start with understanding who your audience is, where they go online and what they're talking about.

Ed Toll, Director, OneFiftyNine

The Power of Great Content

Creating great content should start with understanding who your audience is, where they go online and what they're talking about. This is known as "social listening" and is an essential first step. It's also important to understand what you want to achieve from each piece of content you post. Is it simply a ‘social share' (posting something fun or to show what your own interests are)? To increase brand awareness (getting your name in front of your audience and key influencers)? Or, to encourage sales conversions (driving potential customers to a specific landing page and ultimately a sale)? This will allow you to tailor your content and call to action, and assess its performance accordingly.

Social Listening Tools

There are a number of free tools you can use to listen to what's being said about any subject, industry or market online, across myriad social media platforms and throughout what online media types call the ‘blogosphere'. They include Google Trends and Google Think Insights (both allow you to look at search trends over time, this invaluable information can then be incorporated in to creating content using keywords that will enhance your SEO); Social Trends (insight into, among other things, what's being said about a brand, product or market across the web); and Addictomatic (focuses on a variety of platforms, including Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress, Bing News, Google - it's great for keeping an eye on recent industry developments and brand reputation).


Online PR

Once you've created a great piece of content for your blog don't just leave it there. If you genuinely think it could be of use to others, be sure to make it work for you. Online PR can be an extremely effective way of getting your content out there, and in turn gain some high quality links back to your site. A strong PR campaign which creates a social buzz and gets picked up by the media and relevant industry blogs will have an extremely positive effect on your website rankings. So if you have a PR team, get them to use their skills to create, enhance and maintain great relationships with influential bloggers and journalists. If you're a small business without a PR team, Lissted is a very useful tool which gives you access to a list of around 25,000 journalists, providing insights into who are the key media influencers in a particular field, what they are interested in and talking about. Free online PR services include and



Don't forget SEO is still an integral part of the process. It needs to underpin the whole content development process by ensuing text is optimised, and the destination page (if there is one)is relevant and beneficial to your article content.

All of these elements will significantly contribute to your site's visibility. Matching great content with focused content distribution and some simple SEO practices will result in increased rankings for your site.


The key is to post great content on a regular basis, so if you need help boosting your content from average to great, and adhoc to regular, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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